Why Internet Explorer should be banned!

Good reasons why Internet Explorer should be banned:

  1. Internet Explorer ignores HTML and CSS mark-up and thousands of Web Developers have to spend days in extra time designing Websites so they will "look nice" in Internet Explorer.
  2. Due to overtime Web Developers have to spend at work hacking code to be compatible with IE - they spend less time with:
      - their families
      - their kids
      - their wives
      - their husbands
  3. Governments have to spend Millions of Dollars annually to pay for Web development extra time so normal HTML will be presentable in Internet Explorer.
  4. Companies spend Millions of dollars plugging security holes associated with Internet Explorer use by employees.
  5. Users have to use plugins, additional software to block pop-ups, malware, security holes, unpredictable behaviors of Internet Explorer.
  6. Internet Explorer is a direct bridge from the Internet to your Windows OS which could be exploited by malicios hackers.

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