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Joining the ‘internet of things’

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Joining the ‘internet of things’Posted: Friday, December 28, 2018 [17:33:43] - 1
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Devices as home appliances, vehicles, medical devices etc. connected to the internet often called an IoT, "internet of things".

The ideas is to make our life better, more enjoyable and "smarter" by using gadgets that relieve us from daily chores.

Many of us are simply unaware that our network is only as safe as its least secure device. Unfortunately, many IoT gadgets lack robust security controls, and some manufacturers don't have transparent update policies.

What's also concerning is that many consumers just "plug and use" these devices without realizing that these devices are as vulnerable to attacks as computers and smart phones but often lack the same threat protection.

Once a hacker invades your vulnerable baby monitor, smart TV or coffee maker he may gain control of all other network-connected devices, steal your information and launch a virus attack.

If considering buying an internet-connected device, research what you're buying, ask numerous questions and care scrupulously for the device's security once it's installed.
For example:

- Learn which security features the device includes.
- Know the frequency of software updates, if they're done automatically and for how long updates will be available (will the manufacturer stop updating a refrigerator after 10 years, even though the appliance might last 15 years?)
- Disable every unneeded "smart" feature.
- Set up a dedicated internet router for the devices.

If IoT device is used in Intranet only environment chances of such device being hacked drop dramatically especially if not allowed to access the Internet and/or to be directly accessed from the Internet.There's no place like ~
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